2018 Dead Seed Productions   Songs:

Side A

01. Something for Nobody Pt. 2 (Postmidnight) 

Side B

02. Precarious ("Tore Apart" Remix) 
03. Going New Places "Disgression 1" 
04. Il Re del Bosco (Tribute to Guido Elmi) 
05. Unpleasantness (Unconsciousness Remix)
Something for Nobody Vol. 2
    2017 Dead Seed Productions   Songs:

Side A

01. Something for Nobody pt.1 (Sakrifice Original Motion Picture) 

Side B

02. For a Better Past (Deconstruction mix by Keith Hillebrandt)
03. You Can't Handle the Truth (Evil Dub Deconstruction by Deflore)
03. Deathwish (Ecstasy Under Duress Remix by Aborym)
04. Farwaysai (Inertia Remix by Aborym)
05. Mastica Me (Digitalis Ambigua Remix by Aborym)
Something for Nobody Vol. 1
    2017 Agonia Records   Songs:
1. Unpleasantness
02. Precarious
03. Decadence in a Nutshell
04. 10050 Cielo Drive
05. Slipping Through the Cracks
06. You Can't Handle the Truth
07. For a Better Past
08. Tragedies for Sale
09. Going Places
10. Big H
11. Sukeban ス ケバン *
12. Trauma *

* (Bonus Tracks)
    2014 Stridulation Records

Press Release
01. A.T.W.A. • All the Way Alive (Unreleased)
02. Does Not Compute 1.2 (“Captain Morgan" Version)
03. Helter Skelter Youth (“Nihilistic Bastard” Remix by Mortiis)
04. Helter Skelter Youth (“Pervy” Remix by Kaoma Mega, Throne of Molok)
05. Irreversible Crisis (“Tanz mit Aborym” Remix by Kingdom)
06. Dirty (“Hellektro Apocalypse” Remix by XP8)
07. Helter Skelter Youth (“Stigmata” Remix by Biomechanical Christ, Red Sector A)
08. I Don’t Know (“The Blackbirds II” Remix by Emiliano Natali)
09. Irreversible Crisis (“Rotten Core” Remix by RG Narchost)
Dirty Remix
    2013 Dead Seed Productions

Fabban (bass)
Attila Csihar (vocals)
Seth Teitan (guitar)
Nysrok (guitar)
01. Fire Walk with Us!
02. Harsh-Industrial Inferno
03. Digital Goat Masque
04. Faustian Spirit of the Earth
05. Techno-Industrial Inferno
06. Total Black
07. Love the Death as the Life
Live in Groningen
    2013 Agonia Records

Press Release

Fabban (vocals/bass/synth/programming)
Paolo Pieri (guitars, synth, programming)
Bård G.Eithun (drums)

Special guests:
Rg. Narchost, Agonia BV, Max Varani, Alberto Penzin, Pierangelo Mezzabarba, Emiliano Natali, Spettro Family, Tamara Picardo, Samuel Heru Ra Ha MK, Hostis, Ulven, Mike Bizzini, David Cholasta, Tobias Dünnebacke, Jonathan Butcher, Jessy Lavallee, Thomas Hochstetler, Mary, J. Rooks, Amanda Neilson and Mark Llewellyn
01. Irreversible Crisis
02. Across the Universe
03. Dirty
04. Bleedthrough
05. Raped by Daddy
06. I Don't Know
07. The Factory of Death
08. Helter Skelter Youth
09. Face the Reptile
10. The Day the Sun Stopped Shining
11. Fire Walk With Us!
12. Roma Divina Urbs
13. Hallowed Be Thy Name
14. Comfortably Numb
15. Hurt
16. Need for Limited Loss
    2010 Season of Mist Records

Fabban (vocals/bass/synth/programming)
Hell:IO:Kabbalus (guitars/synth/programming)
Bård G.Eithun (drums)

Special guests:
Karyn Crisis, Davide Tiso, Richard K. Szabo, Marc Urselli, Narchost, Emiliano Natali, Pete Michael Kolstad Vegem, Giulio Moschini and Marcello Balen
01. Psychogrotesque (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII,IX, X + Ghost Track)
    2006 Season of Mist Records

Fabban (bass/guitars/synth/programming)
Prime Evil (vocals)
Bård G.Eithun (drums)

Special guests:
Attila Csihar, Richard K. Szabo, Cultoculus, Jiehna Ycosahateron
01. Armageddon
02. Disgust and Rage (Sic Transit Gloria Mundi)
03. A Dog-Eat-Dog World
04. Ruinrama Kolossal S.P.Q.R.
05. Generator
06. Suffer Catalyst
07. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
08. Man Bites God
09. I Reject!
    2003 Code666 Records

Fabban (bass/synth/programming)
Attila Csihar (vocals)
Seth Teitan and Nysrok (guitars)

Special guests:
Bård G.Eithun, Nattefrost, Matt Jerman, Mick Kenney, Richard K. Szabo, Morrigan Hel, AnastasiA (visual she-devils photos), Mentalsiege (multimedia)
01. Antichristian Codec (Intro)
02. With No Human Intervention
03. U.V. Impaler
04. Humechanics-Virus
05. Does Not Compute
06. Faustian Spirit of the Earth
07. Digital Goat Masque
08. The Triumph
09. Black Hole Spell
10. Me(n)tal Stricken Terror Action 2
11. Out of Shell
12. Chernobyl Generation
13. The Alienation of a Blackened Heart
14. Automatik Rave'olution Aborym
With No Human Interviention
    2001 Scarlet Records

Fabban (bass/synth/programming)
Attila Csihar (vocals)
Seth Teitan and Nysrok (guitars)
01. Our Sentence
02. Love the Death as the Life
03. White Space
04. Fire Walk With Us
05. Here is No God
06. S.T.A.
07. Total Black
08. Sol Sigillum
09. Det Som En Gang Var
10. Theta Paranoia
Fire Walk With Us
    1999 Scarlet Records (EUR)/Mercenary Music (US)

Fabban (bass/synth/programming)
Yorga SM (vocals)
Seth Teitan and Nysrok (guitars)

Special Guests:
Attila Csihar, Volgar
Wehrmacht Kali Ma
02. Horrenda Peccata Christi
03. Hellraiser (Coil Cover)
04. Roma Divina Rbs
05. Darka Mysteria
06. Tantra Bizarre
07. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
08. Metal Striken Terror Action
09. The First Four Trumpets
Kali Yuga Bizarre

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